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Chilly harvest (coloured pencil) - by Tanya Scharaschkin

Botany-Art Workshop on Moreton Island

Three days at Moreton Experience Blue Lagoon Camp
posted onMay 27, 2019

Three days on Moreton Island at Blue Lagoon Camp Learn about Australian plants and try out botanical drawing.

Workshop objectives

  • develop an appreciation of the diversity & biology of plants
  • learn the basic steps involved in botanical drawing
  • improve identification and observational skills

During this workshop you will learn the following

  • the ecology and natural history of Moreton Island
  • botanical terms associated with iconic Australian plant families
  • how to observe, dissect and document features of plants
  • techniques for botanical drawing

This workshop will be limited to 16 participants, with a minimum of six participants. Prior botanical or drawing experience not required.

Cost: $520 for three days at Moreton Experience Blue Lagoon Camp.

Includes tuition fee, accommodation, all meals, ferry, cross island transportation and an excursion to The Cape. Optional: Stay for 5 days to expand your knowledge of botany & botanical drawing or simply relax. Contact Alan for price details.

To book, contact Alan Genninges: text message 0428 783781 or email

Workshop Instructor

Tanya Scharaschkin is a freelance botanist and artist based in Tasmania. She was a full-time academic involved in research and teaching in Queensland until mid- 2017. Her research and teaching focuses on the structure and evolutionary history of plants.

Tanya’s artwork reflects her artistic and scientific interest in natural history. She uses images of her artwork, plant cells and Australian flora, fauna and landscapes to create unique and unusual designs.

Tanya conducts a variety of workshops (Botanical Drawing, The Nature of Plants) including some specifically for scientists (Illustration Basics), and artists (Botany for Botanical Artists).

Tanya’s workshops provide a unique blend of science and art. She hopes her workshops will inspire others to not only admire plants but develop an understanding and appreciation of their biology and diversity.

For workshop information, contact Tanya 03 6200 0543 or

Image credit : Chilly harvest (coloured pencil) - by Tanya Scharaschkin

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