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Although the primary purpose of this website is to showcase the activities of non-government scientific societies, one page has been reserved for links to sites and resources of the Queensland and national governments.

Queensland Government

The Queensland Government has an “open access” policy which means that in principle, all non-confidential material is available to the public free or for the cost only of reproduction. The Government’s “Current Publications Search Engine” is a central point of access for gazettes, scientific and annual reports, current departmental strategies, etc.

The Library catalogue of the Departments of Science, Environment etc. Among many other resources, this catalogue indexes scientific papers published by officers of the public service in their professional capacities.The Department of Environment and Science site offers entry to a wide range of resources, including:

The Office of the Queensland Chief Scientist is an entity of the Department. It offers:


WildNet is a corporate application for wildlife and reserve information managed by the Department of Environment and Science that is also accessible to staff with several government agencies. The information managed within WildNet includes species nomenclature, status, species notes, species lists, survey data, wildlife records, images, documents and maps. Metadata from relevant articles from the Proceedings of the Royal Society of Queensland are being incorporated within WildNet with links to the associated species and reserves. Information from WildNet is accessible via a number of internet applications including Species lists, Species profile search, Qld wildlife data API, WetlandMaps and WetlandSummary.

Resource Planning Guidelines

From c.1995-2006 the Department of Natural Resources published a series of Resource Planning Guidelines that are no longer readily accessible . Some of these documents have enduring value and are posted here, though only in their original form – legislation and policy has in many cases changed substantially since then. These papers are copyright to the Queensland Government.

E3 Strategic Data Capture Plan, a list of the data sets required to form prudent decisions about the use of land and natural resources, with explanations.
E51 Benefit/Cost of Land Resource Assessment: The Leichhardt Downs (Burdekin) Study, an economic analysis of the value of coordinated land resource assessment, demonstrating a benefit cost ratio of more than 50 to 1, primarily on account of avoided errors.

Long Paddock

The Long Paddock is a Queensland Government portal that has provided climate and pasture information to the grazing community since 1995. The site provides access to rainfall and pasture outlooks and decision support tools to support land management decision making and planning for landholders, educators, consultants and extension officers.

Australian Government

CRC for Greenhouse Accounting archive at National Library of Australia, a “lost classic”.

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