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There are many avenues available to build scientific knowledge, to tap into a network of interesting people and to gain career experience in science or natural history.

You can join a group. To enhance that experience, you can volunteer to serve on a committee with your chosen group. This can make a big difference to achievement of the group’s mission.

Sign up for a newsletter – most groups have at least a newsletter for their members and some have a free electronic newsletter for anyone who subscribes.

Attend an event – there are several events every week. Check the websites of your favourite groups and check this Queensland Science Network website, which includes a link to the Advance Queensland and Inspiring Queensland events calendars.

Don’t forget the World Science Festival to be held in March 2020 !

Participate in a field trip, backyard survey or community event. Numerous opportunities to participate in citizen science through field trips, backyard surveys and group activities are available through QSN member groups. Check your favourite group and also the webpages of member groups the Australian Citizen Science Association (Queensland) and EarthWatch-ClimateWatch. You can look up projects in your locality or your chosen field of science with the ACSA Project Finder

Publish something. Scientists and naturalists with scientific information they wish to share have several options… Read more.

Contribute data to the Atlas of Living Australia, a collaborative, digital library of data about Australian biodiversity from multiple sources..

Donate money. All groups affiliated with this site engage in ‘public benefit’ activities, meaning that they are not commercially self-supporting. Numerous opportunities are available to make an enduring difference to our natural world. The tax-deductible Research Fund of The Royal Society of Queensland is an example. Donations may be made for any program of the Queensland Science Network via the Philanthropy page of the Society, or by clicking on the button below (you do not need your own PayPal account to use this button). Send an email via admin AT royalsocietyqld.org if you wish to suggest a purpose for the donation.

Specific initiatives

The Dead Tree Detective

Western Sydney University and the University of New England have set up a Citizen Science Project called the Dead Tree Detective. The aim of the project is to collect observations of dead or dying trees around Australia. It sounds a bit grim, but knowing where and when trees have died will help us to work […]

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The Pesticide Detectives: National Assessment of Pesticides in Waters

Interested to participate in a first of its’ kind exciting Australia wide Citizen Science project? Pesticide Detectives is an extensive project investigating the occurrence and concentrations of pesticides in Australian waterways. It is funded by the Department of Industry, Innovation and Business and undertaken by the Aquatic Environmental Stress Research Group (AQUEST) based at RMIT […]

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Finding a citizen science project

The Australian Citizen Science Project Finder has been designed to help people learn about citizen science projects and provide opportunities to volunteer or become otherwise involved.

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Grant opportunities

The Entomological Society of Queensland Student Award ($500) – Deadline 9 April 2021

The Student Award was established by the Society to encourage entomological research. It is open to any student who completed an Honours Degree, Postgraduate Diploma or 4-year Undergraduate Degree at a Queensland tertiary institution in the previous calendar year. Entrants need not be Society members. Entries are judged by a panel of entomologists appointed by the President of the Society.
Award submissions open in late November and close 9 April. The winner will be announced at the May General Meeting and is then invited to present a summary of their research at the June Notes and Exhibits meeting of the Society.

Application form Past Student Awards

The Entomological Society of Queensland Small Grants Scheme ($2000) – Deadline 30 April 2021

ESQ Council initiated the Small Grants Scheme in 2017 to further encourage entomological research and study. Projects can be anything related to entomology, including targeted collecting trips, visits to museums or other institutions, ecological, physiological or behavioural studies, or even work that’s more applied and in the agricultural or medical fields.

The maximum budget for the project is $2000, with the successful applicant announced by the end of June 2020. Funds will be available from July 2020 and the project is to be undertaken between July 2020 and June 2021.

Small Grant Application form

National Parks Association Queensland Cuthbertson Grant

NPAQ’s Cuthbertson Grant of $2000 for on-ground work or research that leads to better protection of high conservation areas has been made possible thanks to a much-appreciated bequest from Jim Cuthbertson. The inaugural grant was used by Protect the Bush Alliance to fund travel, accommodation and supplies for flora and fauna surveys, completed in October 2020. Grant applications will be sought in early 2021 for the next round. Proposed projects will need to address at least one of the following: 

  • improve the conservation value/resilience of one or a number of parks;
  • strengthen the science and evidence base of one or a number of parks or park proposals; or
  • advance community knowledge of, or connection to, Queensland’s national parks.

The Royal Society of Queensland Research Fund

This Fund has been established to support small-scale research projects in the natural sciences and social studies that escape the attention of mainstream funding authorities. For details see the Society’s webpage.

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