Queensland's Citizen Science Hub
17 March 2020 @ 8:00 am
Auditorium, State Library of Qld
Stanley Pl
Sth Brisbane
  • Keynote: Managing forest fuels & smoke, now & into the future – Dr Owen Price (Uni. of Wollongong)
  • Keynote: Climate change & prescribed burning – What do we know? – Dr Hamish Clarke (Uni. of Wollongong)
  • Keynote: Making fire ecology useful in the climate crisis – Dr Annabel Smith (Uni. of Qld)
  • Keynote: Changing fire regimes in the subtropics & the potential ecological responses – Dr Garry Cook(CSIRO)& Dr Anna Richards(CSIRO)
  • QFES Overview of the Qld 2019/20 Bushfire Emergency – Superintendent James Haig & Inspector Francis Hines (QFES)
  • Changes to Fire Weather in Qld – Dr David Jones (BOM) & QFES
  • Indigenous fire & seasons calendars: using cross-cultural science for fire management – Michelle McKinney (Uni of New England)
  • Powerlink/BOM Strategic Partnership in a Changing Climate – Steve Hadley (BOM) & Stephen Martin (Powerlink)
  • Managing for a molecule: The potential market for carbon abatement and fire management – Dr Cuong Tran (Ten Rivers)
  • Rapid ecological assessment—How did SEQ fare in the 2019 bushfire season? – Shannon Mooney (Healthy Land & Water)
  • Saving an endangered bettong with fire – Chris Pocknee (Uni. of Qld)

Ticket Prices:
Concession 1: $85.00* incl. GST. (SEQFBC partners)
Concession 2: $110.00* incl. GST (students & Traditional Owners)
Full Ticket: $195.00* incl. GST (non-partners)
* excludes Eventbrite & credit card fees

Register at: https://seqfbcfirescienceforum2020.eventbrite.com.au

Visit us at www.fireandbiodiversity.org.au

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