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In Queensland, planning of rural properties took root in the early 1990s, fostered in the Department of Primary Industries. Even for a small property, the issues that are considered are complex and extend beyond strategic determination of the best land-use for each paddock to detailed prescriptions for ongoing maintenance. This leaflet: Planning Your Property: How to Get Started in Grazing Lands is an early attempt to encourage property holders to document the attributes of their holding and their intentions for future management (34MB).

The Australian Greenhouse Calculator helps explore how a person’s lifestyle contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. We all enjoy the benefits of modern technology such as heating and lighting, but we can take actions to reduce production of greenhouse gases and help combat climate change.

Use the AGC to explore how to live more sustainably. By changing behaviour and selecting energy-efficient options, people can reduce greenhouse gas emissions in ways that do not compromise comfort and quality of life.

The calculator website includes “Teacher ideas” linked to the Australian curriculum.

We thank Alan Pears AM, primary developer of the calculator’s algorithm, for drawing this to QSN’s attention.


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