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This website is dedicated to showcasing information generated by member societies, but a few items from other sources are included. To discover materials on subjects of interest, you can browse through the list below, or enter keywords into the search box on the home page. First, some general advice.

What is science and who can be a scientist?

The webpage of the Royal Societies of Australia includes useful explanations of the nature of science. Quoting the UK-based Science Council, “Science is the pursuit of knowledge and the understanding of our environment following a systematic methodology based on evidence.” It can be defined as both a body of knowledge we already have and also as the pursuit of a deeper understanding of both ourselves and the world around us. “A scientist is someone who systematically gathers and uses research and evidence, making a hypothesis and testing it, to gain and share understanding and knowledge”. Academic qualifications are not required.

Finding scientific information

A good place to commence a search is your local library. All public libraries nowadays have powerful search engines and librarians who are experienced in information retrieval. To search multiple libraries, try Trove, the National Library of Australia’s umbrella search engine. It indexes books, periodicals and other materials held in the National Library, the State Library of Queensland and many other contributing libraries including universities. (For example, it indexes more than 2 million items in the University of Queensland’s libraries).

To find scholarly articles (published in scientific journals), use academic search engines Google Scholar, EBSCO, Scopus and Informit. Informit is an Australian search engine that specialises in hard-to-find Australian materials.

Seeking a document from a defunct website? Try Pandora, the National Library’s archival engine that sweeps a select range of official and other websites (including that of this site and The Royal Society of Queensland) periodically and stores them in perpetuity.

Now explore this site! The 25+ societies represented here are custodians of an immense wealth of scientific and field knowledge, focused on Queensland.

Healthy Land and Water – Grants for NRM – to 19 June 2020

Healthy Land and Water is encouraging community organisations to submit an Expression of Interest for small grants between $1000 and $5,000 to assist with natural resource management within South East Queensland. More details on the website. To apply, please discuss your project idea with your local Healthy Land and Water contact and provide a completed […]

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Wet Rocks – Groundwater education for teachers

Wet Rocks is an initiative of the Teacher Earth Science Education Programme: Groundwater Education Resources for Teachers Wet Rocks is a valuable resource for both learning and teaching about groundwater. Relevant to the Australian Curriculum, Wet Rocks introduces study of groundwater and its place in the water cycle, how it is formed, its importance as […]

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Online guide to weeds

A useful index to materials to help with the identification of weeds was published by Moreton Bay Regional Council in its Voluntary Conservation Programs Update Newsletter of May 2020. Thanks to Council for permission to republish this index here. Click on the image above to bring up a PDF that contains the hotlinks to the […]

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Scientific predictions on spread of Corona Virus

Among the numerous articles in the media predicting how rapidly the virus causing the illness COVID-19 will spread, one written by US engineer Tomas Puey on the website accessed by the following link has appealed to us as particularly well researched and likely to be authoritative. The article, “Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now: Politicians, […]

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Charting two centuries of transformation in a coastal social-ecological system

The past two centuries of history and loss of shellfish reefs in South-east Queensland have been chronicled in a scientific paper co-authored by Dr Ben Diggles, a member of The Royal Society Of Queensland. View pdf file.

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Bamboo raft voyage update

Glenn Marshall of “The First Mariners”, who gave a presentation in 2019 ‘In the Wake of the First Australians’ to an event hosted by the Royal Geographical Society of Queensland and The Royal Society of Queensland, has sent an update about their bamboo raft voyage, researching how people first arrived in Australia 70,000 years ago. […]

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The Moreton Bay Foundation Newsletter – February 2020

The Moreton Bay Foundation Newsletter – February 2020

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The Dead Tree Detective

Western Sydney University and the University of New England have set up a Citizen Science Project called the Dead Tree Detective. The aim of the project is to collect observations of dead or dying trees around Australia. It sounds a bit grim, but knowing where and when trees have died will help us to work […]

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Climate Data

The Queensland Government’s Long Paddock website has provided climate and pasture information to the grazing community since 1995. The site provides access to rainfall and pasture outlooks and decision-support tools to support land management decision-making and planning for landholders, educators, consultants and extension officers. The SILO site, a component of the Long Paddock, is a […]

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Lighthouses of Australia

Royal Society Member Ron Turner has produced a delightful e-book on the lighthouses of Australia. 18 lighthouses in Queensland are featured, each with an impressive photograph and a page of notes. The compilation will be an excellent companion for anyone visiting one of structures, each one a masterpiece of innovation. It can be found at  […]

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