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Food Futures: Nourishing a Nation

The Australian Academy of Science will host a significant event in Brisbane on Friday 22 March, with registrations closing on 15 March. The Academy is β€œan independent organisation of distinguished Australian scientists, championing science for the benefit of all. We are hosting our annual symposium in Brisbane on March 22 as part of the World […]

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2024 Smithsonian Fellowships – open to 25 April

The Queensland Government has announced a new round of Smithsonian Fellowships. Individual grants of up to $32,600 are available to staff from Queensland research, education and cultural agencies. The Fellowships Program enables collaborative research and cultural exchange between scholars and institutions in Queensland and the Smithsonian Institution. Applications for the 2024 fellowships close at 2pm […]

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Grant opportunities in entomology

Several grant opportunities are open until 1 March or 30 April 2024. See https://scienceqld.org/get-involved/grant-opportunities/ for details.

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Eucalyptus Buds and Fruits

Leaflet No. 63 of the Commonwealth’s Forestry and Timber Bureau, Illustrations of the Buds and Fruits of Eucalyptus Species with an Alphabetical Index is a classic work, widely consulted by botanists and bushlovers in its day. It covers 486 species and varieties. It was issued over the name of M.R. Jacobs, Director-General, as was the […]

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10 Principles of Citizen Science and FAQs

Citizen science FAQs The European Citizen Science Association has published 10 Principles of Citizen Science which have been translated into some 38 languages. Its website also includes answers to frequently asked questions about citizen science. QSN has downloaded the answers and the 10 Principles into this PDF document.

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Land ethics – By Prof. Brian Roberts

Emeritus Professor Brian Roberts has been advocating for an ethic of stewardship, a new relationship of Australians with their land, for more than four decades. Prof Roberts has been an intellectual leader of the Landcare movement from its beginning. Soil Conservation: People, Religion and Land (31.4MB) has been retrieved from Trove’s website capture, having originally […]

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Acid Sulfate /Sulphate Soils

QASSMAC was a multilateral advisory committee animated by the soil scientists within the Department of Natural Resources. It set out to improve the management of these naturally occurring high risk soils. The State Planning Policy was identified as one of the main regulatory tools available. An early document was QASSMAC Acid Sulfate Soils Management Strategy […]

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Good Quality Agricultural Land and Strategic Cropping Land

Town planning legislation in the early 1990s (the Local Government (Planning and Environment) Act 1990) provided that the State Government could promulgate “statements of planning policy” which local governments as the local planning authorities would be obliged to incorporate into their planning schemes and development decisions. The first such instrument (which by s.1A.2 had the […]

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Great Barrier Reef – 1926 perspective

The Great Barrier Reef of Australia, 1926. This gem turned up at a garage sale and seems worth preserving as a snapshot of official thinking at the time.

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Natural resource – Condition and trend

This page presents the findings of several programs aimed at capturing knowledge about the condition and trend of Australia’s pastoral lands. For policy documents such as the Draft National Rangelands Strategy, see the website of The Royal Society of Queensland. Here we will reproduce documents published under the historical programs of The Australian Collaborative Rangelands […]

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