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The Queensland Science Network is an unincorporated collaboration between more than 20 not-for-profit societies based in Queensland, Australia. They are groups who collect or disseminate knowledge about the natural resources and environment of the State as a core activity. They are actively engaged with science through research, field excursions, publishing, advocacy, policy formulation and/or other strategic activities to further science.

‘Science’ is the application of scientific method to observations and data. The Network is not a professional institute and there is no suggestion that participation is limited to tertiary qualified scientists. ‘Citizen science’ is regarded as a distinctive form of scientific activity.

The Network is hosted by The Royal Society of Queensland, the State’s oldest learned academy. New groups are added by decision of the Council of the Royal Society. The Queensland Science Network was born at a meeting held in Brisbane in October 2016. The purpose was to promote the value of science and to foster collaboration among the community science sector.

The Network is strictly non-partisan and independent of political factions. Although it may advocate for protection of environmental assets, on the basis of scientific evidence, it is not an activist campaigner.

The domain is a registered address of the Society and is being developed as a major portal into non-government, non-university scientific knowledge, complementing the Queensland Government’s science sites.

The logo was designed by Graphic Springs in 2017.