Queensland's Citizen Science Hub

A website about some of the local birds of South-East Queensland  www.ourlocalbirds.com lets us look into some of their amazing lives via a unique and exciting range of video and still images as well as text and audio. The website has two principal sections: Learning about birds and Teaching about birds and was created by the Bird Education Group of Birds Queensland and Birdlife Southern Queensland.

Learning about birds focuses on birds commonly seen in various habitats and features 18 birds commonly seen in urban areas.

Teaching About Birds has been designed for primary age students, their teachers and home educators and provides a basic teaching model aligned with objectives in the Australian Science Curriculum for each year level 1-6. Videos have been created to illustrate the curriculum focus for each year level. Examples are the video about the Australian White Ibis https://vimeo.com/336966421 for Year 5 students investigating how animals adapt to environments; and the video https://vimeo.com/394819136 for Year 6 students studying the extraordinary migratory shorebirds that migrate to the other end of the globe to breed but that live, at least for part of each year, at our urban backdoor in Moreton Bay. 

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