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The Ecological Society of Australia is excited to announce that the 2021 “Ecology in Action” Photography Competition is now open. Prizes include $450 for first, second and third in each category, $500 for overall Best Image, and $400 for Best Portfolio. The judges may also award a number of Highly Commended awards where merited. This year, the competition includes the following categories:

  • Out Standing in the Field: Ecologists in Action
  • Niches and Hollows: Adaptive Behaviour and Australian Biodiversity
  • Beneath Southern Skies: Unique Australian Landscapes
  • New Category – Beauty in the Beast: Australian Invertebrates

Our new category, Beauty in the Beast: Australian Invertebrates, seeks to showcase the diversity and beauty of Australian invertebrates, from dragonflies, spiders, and worms to sea stars, cuttlefish and corals. These taxa are fascinating but all around the world they are under represented in academic research, news media, and even photography competitions! This has real world implications, making it difficult to identify and understand the many threats they face, foster public support for their survival, and ultimately secure conservation funding and threatened species listings. ‘Beauty in the Beast’ is an opportunity to show how interesting, impressive and important these ‘beasties’ really are.

For those of you in areas under lockdown, we hope that this category will provide an opportunity to participate by photographing the fascinating creatures in your own homes and backyards like caterpillars, beetles, millipedes, bees and butterflies. 

Entries close Sunday 14 November and can be submitted via our website here.

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