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Information about management and stewardship of the pastoral lands of Australia can be found in several places on the websites managed by The Royal Society Queensland and the Royal Societies of Australia:in

  1. An extensive repository of knowledge about the stewardship of rural lands can be found on the rural policy webpage of The Royal Society of Queensland.
  2. The QSN webpage Stewardship Incentives and Rangelands Policy includes a brief account of the sequence of policy activities, commencing with the foundation document, to…
  3. the proceedings of a series of three Stewardship of Country webinars held in February and March 2021 by the Royal Societies of Australia and…
  4. the establishment of the Rangelands Queensland website.
  5. The Pastoral Lands Information Hub contains a large archive of relevant material.

Carbon farming update

For anyone contemplating taking out a carbon credits project, Alan Lauder’s Carbon Stocks and Flows page on the Society’s website is a must-read.

For a short communication on whether high or low grazing pressure increases carbon sequestration, see a letter to Science of 24 Nov. 2023 by David Eldridge: “Australia’s carbon plan disregards evidence”.

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