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The Queensland Science Network was launched by His Excellency the Governor of Queensland the Honourable Paul de Jersey AC at an official reception at Government House on 13 June 2019. Some 50 guests representing the societies who have joined the Network and some senior public servants including the CEO of the Queensland Museum and the Queensland Chief Scientist attended.

Guests heard His Excellency refer to the first edition of the Proceedings of the Royal Society of Queensland in 1884, including an opinion on whether electricity would ever overtake steam power as a source of motive energy! A copy of this first edition was on display in the room.

The very first paper appearing in that volume, after the inaugural presidential address, was by the Government Botanist, the renowned F.M. Bailey. This paper listed a number of species of fungi, and we were delighted to advise the Governor that representatives of the modern Queensland Mycological Society were present in the room.

His Excellency referred to the ‘coming of age’ of the Network with the first event mounted under its banner, a stall at the World Science Festival in March. He presented Certificates of Appreciation to Tony Van Der Ark and his son Harry who organised the stall.

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