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The Queensland Science Network is a collaboration between Queensland’s non-government scientific and natural history societies to promote science activities and to share knowledge. One index page has been allocated to each member society, along with a central News stand, Events calendar and Resources library. Most content however will be found on their organisations’ home pages, to which this site directs inquiries.

The site is not intended to promote local environmental campaigns. New groups are added by decision of the Council of The Royal Society of Queensland, on the advice of the existing member groups. The site is at an early stage of construction.

The rationale behind the Network was nicely expressed in a 2021 CSIRO report, Australia’s Biosecurity Future;  unlocking the next generation of resilience:

“The challenges facing Australia’s biosecurity system are too big for any organisation or sector to tackle by themselves. The solution is a united, multi-faceted approach. We need to harness the collective knowledge and eyes-on-the-ground capability of our citizens, our communities, our industries and our governments to ensure that all Australians are aware of their role in managing biosecurity risks and are working together to build the resilience of the biosecurity system.”

The scope of the Queensland Science Network is much broader than biosecurity, but the principle of collaborative gathering of knowledge applies throughout.

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