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Many worthwhile reports of scientific experiments do not satisfy the rather restrictive requirements of conventional scientific journals. This page offers a repository for any citizen science group, naturalist or scientist affiliated with a member group and who has information that deserves to be shared with the world. For further information about citizen science including a list of current projects, check the website of the Australian Citizen Science Association.

Publication here does not prevent the author(s) from later packaging the material for submission to a scholarly journal, as this site is not deemed to be “prior scientific publication”.

Cooloola Citizen Science BioBlitz 2018-2019

The Cooloola Citizen Science BioBlitz based at Rainbow Beach lured 15 experienced scientists and about 80 keen volunteers to scan the sky and treetops, shake branches and grasses over 24-26 August 2018 then again on 17-19 May 2019 to search for unknown species of plants, animals, birds and fish.  But the issue that has grabbed national and international media attention has been the discovery of a variety of miniscule invertebrates from moths to spiders.

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Subsequent processing of the records from the BioBlitz reveal 25 new, undescribed species with a likely additional 11 awaiting confirmation. Two of these had been found in Cooloola on the previous BioBlitz, making 34 new species for this survey, totalling 71 new species in the past two surveys.

A surprisingly small overlap with August 2018 meant the running total is extraordinarily high for a survey of this type. This due to the special habitats surveyed on this occasion (bymien, old growth rainforest; and fens, stable mature freshwater wetland).

Citizen science forum 11 August 2018

The Hut Environmental and Community Association held a forum on Saturday, 11 August 2018 at Pullenvale.

The keynote address was by Prof Ian Lowe, member of The Royal Society of Queensland on “The role of citizen science in modern Australia“.

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